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  • Granger listed a new place listing, 4 days, 10 hours ago

    Scofflaws.shopWelcome to Scofflaws.Shop, a place for people who have a healthy disrespect for authority to buy nice things to wear, hang on the wall, or store in a safe place.

  • Dimes4Darryl / #CHANGEtheJusticeSystemI’m asking all of my friends to save their dimes (and other pocket change) until July 20, and to then make a donation to #TeamInnocenceProject to help me secure my spot in the #NYCMarathon

    #Dimes4Darryl […]

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    • SO, wait until July or donate anytime? Also, did the QR generator you used provide the logos or did you have to provide those?

      • 1) either, I’d like to hit the goal to secure my spot ASAP, and then just get some extra funds to the Innocence Project. Minimum to secure my spot on team is $3500; though I’d like to get closer to 5k!
        1a) I’m also running a fundraiser at ForkFest to raise funds for #TeamInnocenceProject
        2) I had to supply the images for the QR creator, I used one of the free-to-use online QR creators, but don’t remember which one

  • Kimura Certified Public AccountantsKimura Certified Public Accountants specializes in JGAAP, USGAAP, IFRS, SOX related work
    We also consider ourselves to be one of the first accounting firms to offer cryptocurrency related services.

    We provide […]

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