BadgeOS GeoDirectory

BadgeOS GeoDirectory Add-On was developed for use on

It is a single .php file WordPress plugin. There is one TODO comment in the file where an array of post types to include is; remove the existing post types and use your own. The plugin fires when a new post, of any post type, is published. It then checks to see if it should be doing anything for this particular post type. If it is on the list then it increments the log. Then BadgeOS checks if anything should be awarded. Basically. The setup is like any other BadgeOS achievement add-on. Create an achievement and GeoDirectory will show as an available step.

Note, this is really just a general “any post type specified” achievement add on. Add BadgeOS achievements for adding a post of any certain post type; simply include those post types to the .php file and change the wording from GeoDirectory to whichever product or purpose.

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