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Cross Promote

This is our most exciting promotion because it adds the most value and creates stronger relationships. We are open to new and creative ideas here! We offer:

  • These are the spendable points we give out here on On this website larger amounts are awarded for big contributions such as adding and reviewing listings. Smaller amounts are awarded for mundane activity such as logging in. We also have the ability to award them in person with codes. Gears turning? We envision these being used to create games, contests, and entries for raffles at festivals, conferences, and other events. Imagine you are at a festival and you buy from 10 vendors and get a code that awards! You can then continue to collect on the website and spend them at our store for cross promotional merchandise.
  • On our store we sell our merchandise and partner products. We can offer exclusive products to our visitors as well as integrate your merchandise with the above LIBERTY.credits via custom games, raffles, or prizes for real life action.

Banner Ads

Contact us to talk advertising! We offer mobile and desktop banner ad space. These are per impression, per click, or per month banner ads. Advertisers are required to be registered on and the company, service, or product being advertised must be listed on does not advertise or accept listings that are affiliate or referral links.
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Featured Listings

Do you have a listing? Have you claimed your listing? We offer a number of packages that make sure your listing is always at the top of the page and marked “Featured”. Plus, each package comes with more features than the basic Free Listing package. These include:

  • Google Analytics
  • More images
  • More categories
  • More franchises
  • More characters for search tags
  • Include special offers
  • Hide related listings tab

When adding a listing you’ll see the package options at the top of the page. If you already have a listing you’ll see the Upgrade Listing option on the right sidebar of that listing. If your listing exists but you didn’t add it you’ll have to claim the listing before seeing the Upgrade Listing options. Featured Listing packages go for 30 days and can be upgraded or renewed at any time.

Affiliate Program

Self-Serve Media

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