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    Oooooh weeeee Some activity on here is nice! Great new listings!

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    @ftlian I notice that Free Talk Live does not have a listing yet! Nor does the Shire Free Church. Nor does the Shire Society.

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    @benchmarkshirtshop Thanks for the friend request.

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    I work and I'm saving money. The goal is save up enough so I can buy a house in New Hampshire. I'd like to help with you anything to earn crypto, but if you'd just like to donate to my "Move To New Hampshire" fund, here are some of my wallet addresses. Thank you so much. BTC: 1PAv1nVjXNSVfV7o5dDjAWr5X2Fxg8GJVv ETH: 0xb0295e7a71a9aa86a11ed7022cc727235adb0df5 BCH: 151dSc9F6m5PBSPooQYn3VbmuXraBCAMfi DASH: XkUEpa6NGjunmJN4qTiMawA3UHcmmjcYMp

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