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  • The Corporation - the Powers That BE seriesThe Freedom Film Festival is offering a series of films we call “The Powers That Be” and it’s only fitting that we include The Corporation, the artificial person Power in our world!
    The Corporation – back after […]

  • The Lives of OthersThe Lives of Others
    We’ve been covering some of the external activities of the U.S. government’s secret agencies, but what happens when the Secret Police turn their efforts inward, to spying on their own people. […]

  • freedomfilms listed a new event listing, The Secret Team 1 year, 1 month ago

    The Secret TeamThe Secret Team

    The question arises after contemplating the horrors of 9/11… “Who actually plans these ops (no one, of course, believes the ‘official story’)? Who pulls them off?”

    Colonel Fletcher Prouty […]

  • Big Tech - Our New OverlordsBig Tech – Our New Overlords
    Many are now wondering about Big Tech’s control over what we know, after the censoring, “algorithmic fairness”, and “un-personing” of politically incorrect speakers. Was this by […]

  • freedomfilms listed a new event listing, Air America 1 year, 2 months ago

    Air AmericaAir America
    Drugs, Weapons, Oil and War?
    These have been topics we’ve been learning about (through previous films) and how they all play in together.

    Does Hollywood actually spill the CIA’s beans by creating […]

  • The Best Enemy Money Can BuyThe Best Enemy Money Can Buy
    Anthony Sutton
    Anthony Sutton, in his research at the Hoover Institution, found the stunning information that United States corporations and Wall Street bankers, as well as […]

  • freedomfilms listed a new event listing, Chinatown 1 year, 2 months ago

    We’ve screened material recently about the prevalence of Big Oil power plays in modern politics, so we thought we’d dig up an older film depicting a more localized power struggle over access to land. […]

  • Freedom Film Festival in Weare, N.H.Freedom Film Festival
    A weekly get-together to view the most interesting films that focus on freedom – sometimes entertainment, sometimes documentary, but always interesting!

    We list the old Weare Town House […]

  • Jeffrey Epstein, secret agent?Freedom Film Festival
    Every Friday evening, up the long and winding road to Weare, New Hampsha’
    Jeffrey Epstein, secret agent?
    Did you know that Jeffrey Epstein had another life of scandal before he got busted […]

  • Red Pill Expo excerptsRed Pill Expo
    A tremendous event this year in Hartford, Connecticut just under a month ago!

    At the Freedom Film Festival this week, we’ll show excerpts of some of the best and most inspiring talks at the Red […]

  • freedomfilms listed a new event listing, The Minds of Men 1 year, 4 months ago

    The Minds of MenThe Minds of Men
    THE MINDS OF MEN is a 3+ year investigation into the experimentation, art, and practice of
    social engineering and mind control during the Cold War — a mind-bending journey into the
    past that g […]

  • The Deep State - who are these guys?The Deep State – who are these guys?
    The name came from Turkey actually and now the term is all over the news. What is meant by the deep state and who are really the actors involved?

    A deep state (from […]

  • freedomfilms listed a new event listing, Persia and WAR! 1 year, 5 months ago

    Persia and WAR!Persia and War!
    Persia, now known as Iran due to post WWI settlements, may again be the scene of war, not due to their aggression, but due to war-mongering by the American national government. Time for us to get […]

  • The Social Network - 10 May 2019Welcome to the Freedom Film Festival, where we hold weekly screenings on freedom topics – our goal is to grow the audience to the size where we can justify taking over our Town Hall for our weekly screenings. R […]

  • Kompromat! - Sex and Spies!Welcome to the Freedom Film Festival, where we hold weekly screenings on freedom topics – our goal is to grow the audience to the size where we can justify taking over our Town Hall for our weekly […]

  • Which Dystopia? - WaterworldWhich Dystopia?
    We’re starting a new series of films – Which dystopia… do you think we are headed for?

    Many different scenarios have been portrayed in film and we’ll show a new scenario each time we visit […]

  • Wikileaks / The Fifth EstateJulian Assange and Wikileaks – an amazing fracture of state power
    Things have not been the same since Wikileaks began enabling whistleblowers to get the truth out about the operations of state powers around the […]

  • The Wall - Freedom Film Festival  - 12 April 2019Walls, walls, walls!
    “The Wall” is all in the news! Crisis on the border! Congress says there’s no crisis … which one is it?

    Let’s look at some famous walls and their effects…
    The Great Wall of […]

  • The Wall - RE-SCHEDULED - FFF - 5 April 2019We had to re-schedule this film night to 12 April 2019 – see you then!

    Walls, walls, walls!
    “The Wall” is all in the news! […]

  • Freedom Films - The Powers That Be - Allen DullesFreedom Film Festival starts a new series – The Powers That Be. We’ll feature documentaries about the powerful people of the world, the real statists! These are the people that create the major events of the world […]

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