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Let’s build community together!

LIBERTY.menu is a tool for your community. At its core is a directory for Events big and small, Places such as businesses, and Digital content such as movies, books and music. Any listing can be rated and reviewed. We’ve also included a bit of a social network so you can connect and share here.

Start by adding listings to the directory:

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Rate and Review

The liberty movement is growing. Everyone benefits when we share our experiences, good or bad, with one another. Didn’t like something about that event you went to? Leave a review so the listing owner can learn from you. Was that hot dog the very best you’ve ever had? Give it 5 stars so everyone knows where to go for great dogs!

Add your friends

Invite your friends and connect with them on LIBERTY.menu. Find your friends in the Members Directory! Share to their wall. Compliment their reviews. You can even share pictures of your food here too!

Connect in the real world!

Head out into the world. Connect with your fellow Liberty Lovers at events. Go to their businesses. Sit down at their restaurant, ask for the owner and say “Hi, I found you on LIBERTY.menu and I’m a local Liberty Lover!” Networking can have a powerful affect on your life, the flow of information and money, development of ideas, and more!

Find listings in your area!

Use the GeoLocate Near Me button to find listings in your area! You can find that button on the right sidebar of every page or, on mobile it is at the bottom of each page. Use the global search in the top bar to find anything or, use the directory search to narrow your listing results!

Did you notice those points?

Those are LIBERTY.credits! Each time you interact with the site you earn credits – from logging in to adding listings. We’ll be adding real life games and contests to earn LIBERTY.credits as well! Try to get on the top of the leaderboard each month! At any time you can spend your credits at the LIBERTY.store where LIBERTY.menu and our partners will have merchandise available for purchase with LIBERTY.credits!

Interested in partnering with us?

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